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Hans-Günter Höffken

freelance artist



My art is an escape from the ego, an act of selflessness on the canvas. Colors are seemingly applied and removed aimlessly. Models serve merely as a pretext for painting; my works emerge beyond academic norms.

I paint out of pure joy. A photo does not reveal the essence like painting does. My creation is not about pleasing others but rather fulfilling an inner desire. It's not about the image but the process of creation, whose significance arises in the eye of the beholder.

My artistic journey began after studying geography, a career as a tour manager, and intense engagement with photography. Fifteen years ago, I followed my creative impulses, painting on large canvases. Spontaneity and authenticity testify to my inner artistic voice.

Encounters with the artist and teacher at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Rudi Tröger, and participation in the studio project in Munich, as well as recognition by SaatchiArt as an outstanding Berlin artist, mark milestones in my artistic career. Global sales document the global appeal of my works.

Impressions from my travels, especially through Asia and the Himalayas, inspire me to give form to the invisible through my art. The use of large canvases allows me to express the clarity and purity I experienced, for example, in the Himalayas.

In 2015, the curators of Saatchi Art introduced me as one of the Berlin artists in their online gallery.

I am currently working at KunstKwartier 44 in Cologne Rodenkirchen.


wildfire acrylic on canvas

a life less ordinary

be creative

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